Nestled in the Apulia region of southern Italy, Salento is a picturesque and vibrant place for your holiday home or forever home. We list the best places to buy in Salento.

Why Salento?

With plenty of history, great weather, a stunning coastline and many beautiful town and villages, Salento is a paradise for anyone wishing to buy a property here. You are never more than 30 minutes from the sea, and you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the coastline. Summers are long and hot, averaging around 35°C in July and August. Even in May, June and September, temperatures are in the high 20s.

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Lecce is the main town of Salento, often coined the ‘Florence of the South’. The city is historic, and many buildings are prime examples of the Italian Baroque style, built in beautiful sandstone. The old streets are packed full of excellent restaurants, bars and cafes, whilst the newer part has all the amenities you require, such as hospitals, schools, supermarkets and more.

Traffic is limited in the city centre, which makes Lecce a pleasure to walk around. You can catch a direct train to Lecce from cities such as Brindisi (30 minutes), Bari (1.5 hours), Rome (5.5 hours), and Bologna (7 hours). The nearest airport is Brindisi, which is a 30-minute drive away.




The pretty village of Nardo encapsulates authentic Salento. The locals are extremely friendly and everything in the village centres around the beautiful Piazza Salandra. You’ll find that people meet here to socialise, enjoy an evening drink or just relax.

The coast is just 5 miles away at Santa Maria al Bagno and there are many other beaches nearby. The Porto Selvaggio nature reserve can also be visited from here. Nardo is just a 50-minute drive to Brindisi airport.

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Santa Cesarea Terme

For stunning sea views and a relaxing location, look no further than Santa Cesarea Terme. It is a spa town, which means you can enjoy bathing in the hot sulphur springs from May through to November. You can also enjoy a range of hot mud and mineral treatments, which are said to have a wealth of health benefits.

The seafront promenades are awash with plenty of cafes and restaurants, as well as many wonderful gelaterias. The nearest train station is Poggiardo, which has direct buses to Santa Cesarea Terme. However, the easiest way to travel here is by car.

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