We all love Greece for its islands and even its vibrant cities, Athens and Thessaloniki. But what about Central Greece? Does it deserve a look in from international property buyers? Find out why we think that it most certainly does…  

Central Greece, locally known as Roúmeli or Sterea Ellada, is an undiscovered gem among international property buyers. Often overshadowed by the glitz and glamour of the Greek islands or the historical allure of Athens, central Greece offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and an exciting lifestyle. We’ve picked just five reasons that might tempt you to put Central Greece on your list of places to search for a home.

Parnassus mountain

Parnassus mountain.

1. Embrace the natural beauty

Central Greece offers a tapestry of natural wonders, from the largest wetland in Greece, the Lagoon of Messolonghi, to the snow-capped slopes of Mount Parnassus. Imagine owning a home where you can bask in the sun on a pristine beach and go skiing on the same day!

2. Step back in time

The region is steeped in history and mythology. The archaeological site of Delphi, considered the navel of the world by the ancient Greeks, lies close by. Owning a home here means living amidst a rich historical tapestry that weaves a story of an ancient civilisation.


3. Sunshine for the vast majority of the year

From May to October, the region basks in a warm, sunny climate with temperatures reaching up to 32 degrees. Even the coldest month, January, sees comfortable highs of 11 degrees. The pleasant weather makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a warm, Mediterranean lifestyle.

4. An enchanting mix of places to buy

One thing is for sure and that is that Central Greece isn’t a monolith. You might want to be right next to the grand Delphi – equally, you might prefer the remoteness of a tranquil village. You might be interested in Galaxidi, a former naval town, which boasts of picturesque ports and museums. We don’t tend to think of Greece when we think of purchasing a ski property but in Arachova, you can find a chalet. One wonderful thing about owning a ski home here is that it has great dual season appeal.


5. Find your dream property

Whether you’re looking for a seafront apartment, a country house, or a luxury home, Central Greece has it all. With property prices more affordable than popular islands like Santorini and Mykonos, it offers excellent value for money.


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