You can enjoy a vibrant retirement in Cyprus that is both relaxing and active. But what is it about this country that makes it a favourite for retired expats? We take a look.

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Cypriot cuisine

The Mediterranean diet is not only healthy, it’s tasty too! You can enjoy fresh produce such as fruit and veg from the market; fresh fish straight off the boat; plenty of nuts, beans, cheese and more. Cypriot wine is also delicious and, depending on where you move to, there will be plenty of local delicacies to try. Cyprus really is a culinary delight!


It goes without saying that you will get plenty of sunshine in Cyprus. As well as the benefits of getting more vitamin D, the beautiful weather means that you can enjoy your retirement outdoors and get plenty of fresh air. You can also enjoy all of the delights that this country has to offer – the beautiful beaches, scenery and warm sea, as well as active pursuits such as tennis or golf.

Healthcare facilities

The Cypriot healthcare system recently ranked higher than the UK in a recent global study published by the Lancet medical journal, which rated countries in terms of their quality and access to healthcare. Much of Cyprus’s best health services are found in the private sector. If you can afford to access them, you should get a high-class service that’s on par with anywhere in the world.

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Cost of living

Cyprus is a reasonable place to live in terms of cost. Food, transport, drinks, eating at restaurants and property prices tend to be cheaper in Cyprus than in the UK. The main thing that you may find to be quite expensive is dairy products, as there are not many cattle on the island.

The people

You will find several large expat communities in Cyprus that will help you to feel at home. If you have any struggles with settling in, navigating a new country and adapting to a new way of life, there is sure to be someone to help who has done it all before. The locals are also extremely welcoming and are some of the friendliest in Europe. Many speak English and won’t be too shy to say hello and start a conversation with you.

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