On the hunt for a holiday home in Portugal? Not sure where to settle your search? Cascais has a long history of being the ideal getaway: a long string of European royalty has enjoyed it for exactly that. Today, Cascais boasts of gorgeous boutique hotels, beautiful beaches, old-fashioned charm, and golf courses – all within easy reaching distance of Lisbon. Discover why we think it’s a fabulous place to search for a holiday home.   


1. Good enough for royalty, good enough for you

Cascais has a long reputation for attracting blue-blooded holidaymakers. In the 1870s, King Luís I of Portugal adopted it as the perfect seaside getaway. His son King D. Carlos went on to found a marine biology there. Cascais has also opened its arms to King Juan Carlos I of Spain and King Edward III of the United Kingdom. During the Second World War, exiled European royalty headed to Cascais. Aside from royalty, Ian Fleming was a fan, and it is even said that Casino Royale was based on the Casino Estoril (which still buzzes today). Cascais has a long history of being the perfect holiday home destination, why not add your name to the list of holiday homeowners there?

2. It’s super close to Lisbon

One of the reasons that King Luís I of Portugal liked Cascais so much was that it was not too far from Lisbon. It is just twenty minutes away by car. Alternatively, you can take a train or bus, which doubles the journey time but is budget-friendly. So, whenever you need to be in the bustling capital, it’s a straightforward journey.

Plus, Lisbon airport, with its regular international flights, is just twenty-four minutes away by car. There are also good public transport links.


3. Amazing beaches

Cascais beach

Days on the beach await you.

If you’re someone who hears the word “holiday” and immediately pictures themselves flopping down on the sand, you’re in luck. Praia da Conceição, the central beach, is conveniently located by the train station. It is spied on by the famous five-star Albatroz Hotel, which sits on a cliff. Then, for a beach suited for royalty (it was named after Queen Amelia), you can spend your days in Praia da Rainha.

4. Great choice of golf courses

Do you love to unwind by spending long days out in the sunshine playing golf? Cascais is one of Portugal’s most established destinations for golfers. The 18-hole Oitavos Dunes course is said to be the best in Portugal. You get to enjoy amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean while you play. Golf do Estoril and Quinta da Marinha Golf Course are also top choices.


5. Foodie heaven

Delicious food makes the perfect holiday too. With the sea right there, you can expect fresh fish straight from the Atlantic on your plate. Enjoy grilled sardines, octopus and seafood rice. Cascais is also home to Santini, which lays claim to being the greatest gelato shop in Portugal.


Plus, stock up the fridge and pantry in your holiday home with fresh produce from the weekly Mercado Saloio. It is connected to the Mercado da Vila, running since 1952, it is full of restaurants, cafes, bars, and essentials for your new home.


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