Purchasing your dream Portuguese property often starts with searching through the choice of homes listed on the Greenacres property portal. But once you have selected a few homes, the next thing to do is to book a flight to Portugal and view them in person. Here are our tips for how to have a successful viewing trip this spring.


Why is spring a good time for a viewing trip?

Spring is a great time to book a viewing trip because seasonal flights, especially in seaside areas like the Algarve, tend to come back up again.

Plus, the climate is pleasant, but not so warm that you find yourself rushing off to the beach, rather than looking at properties.

If you’ve only been to Portugal as a summer holiday destination before, a spring trip will give you a new feel for the place. In seaside resorts especially, it’s a good idea to see if you’re still fond of the location, outside of peak season when there’s an abundance of entertainment.

Another advantage of a spring viewing trip is that there will not be too many tourists present. This will make viewing homes easier.

Portugal villa

Ready to fly out and see homes in person?


Before you go

Reach out to a local estate agent

You can tour around Portugal looking at the properties that you’ve viewed on our site alone. But it can also be beneficial to meet up with a local estate agent. A good one will be able to provide you with expert insight on what to expect for your budget in terms of location, number of bedrooms and more. Plus, they might even be able to take you around properties that have yet to appear online.


A currency specialist

Unless you are from a country that is in the eurozone, when you purchase your Portuguese home, you are going to have to exchange your property funds from one currency to another. Frustratingly, currency markets fluctuate every day, and the exchange rate can move against you. This can mean that the price of your property effectively changes. So, budgeting becomes difficult.

Fortunately, a currency specialist can advise you of ways to safeguard against this.

While it might seem premature to contact a currency specialist for your viewing trip, if you do see the home of your dreams, you won’t want to delay putting the funds down for it. So, it’s advisable to already have a plan in place with a currency specialist.


A bilingual lawyer

Purchasing a property abroad is a potentially complex process. Purchasing a property in a different language, a different currency, and legal system can feel a bit daunting. Even if you have a grip on Portuguese, you’re going to want to understand the fine print of what you are signing. Having a lawyer in place before your viewing trip means that should you wish to proceed with a purchase, you’ll have exactly the support you need in place.


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