We look at Aveiro, Peniche and Óbidos – three very distinct but equally wonderful towns along Portugal’s Silver Coast. Could it suit you to be a homeowner in one of these places?  

The Silver Coast is on Portugal’s western coastline, lapped by the Atlantic Ocean. Although many purely think of the Algarve when they think of the Portuguese coast, the Silver Coast has a lot to offer. It has a more traditionally Portuguese vibe than the Algarve, as it is not as on the tourist radar. The seasons are felt more along the Silver Coast, with a breeze from the Atlantic taking the edge off any seriously hot weather. Still, in summer, you can anticipate temperatures in the high twenties. Autumn and spring sees temperatures more in the late teens, while winter does prompt more of a chill and is wetter. Another bonus of the Silver Coast is that property is much more affordable than the Algarve. Here, we uncover three amazing Silver Coast towns to consider purchasing a home in.



Young couple in love looking at each other while smiling and sitting on the ground near the water canal in Aveiro, and in the background the boats on a sunny day.

Want this to be you?

Aveiro lies by the sea and the Ria de Aveiro. It has earned the nickname the Venice of Portugal for being a city on the sea. It is the second most populous town after the historic university town of Coimbra. Just last year, the Guardian named Aveiro Europe’s most romantic city. And here’s a secret: Aveiro is a lot more affordable than Venice too. Like Venice, you can snuggle up to your loved one in a gondola, while you take in the city. For a change of pace, you can travel through the city on one of its free bikes, the BUGA. Aveiro has pretty, colourful houses lining the waterfront too.

It is also home to an open-air art nouveau museum, and is part of the Réseau Art Nouveau Network, alongside Helsinki, Barcelona and Glasgow.

In addition, Aveiro has a youthful, cultured feel, due to its prestigious university.

Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy feasting on “ovos moles”, a sweet pastry of eggs and sugar, originally made by nuns in Aveiro.

Nearest airport: Little under an hour’s drive from Porto International Airport. Alternatively, you can take public transport, for around one hour and forty-five, for as little as €5.

Best for: A romantic retirement where you get to look longingly into each other’s eyes.



Surfer ride a wave on surfboard in Peniche

Catch a wave!

You’ve got the Atlantic Ocean to be grateful for the vast waves you’ll find in Peniche. Once an old fishing town, Peniche is now known for being the hub of spectacular surfing. Nazaré is another spot along the Silver Coast famed for its waves, you be the judge of which is better. Despite surfing putting Peniche on the map, it retains its status as a hard-working town and has not been altered much by tourism, giving it a gritter atmosphere to its resort town neighbours. Just 10km west of Peniche, you’ll find the craggy and windswept Berlengas Islands. You can get a thirty-minute speedboat ride there. It has a lovely (though sometimes quite crowded) little beach too. It is home to a 16th century monastery that was designed to rescue shipwrecks but was quickly abandoned due to pirates.

Nearest airport: Lisbon airport is an hour’s drive away. The bus will take an hour and twenty-five.

Best for: Staying active. A traditional Portuguese vibe.





Located on high ground near the Atlantic coast, Óbidos is not quite a beach town but its close enough. It has the greatest example of a walled Medieval town in all of Portugal, the Muralhas da cidade. You can even walk the tops and get a breathtaking view of the city. Back in 1282, Óbidos was gifted to Queen Isabel on her wedding day, and so, it came to be passed on from queen to queen.

Óbidos castle originates in Roman times and has Moorish influences, it is both excellent to view and excellent to view the city from. Part of the palace is now a hotel. The Rua Dierita, the main street of Óbidos, has hardly changed since Medieval times. It is made up of charming, cobbled streets, family-run restaurants, and boutique shops. Due to its historic royal patronage, you will find a high concentration of pretty churches here, such as the Santa Maria Main Church and the Misericórdia Church. iIgreja-Livraria de Santiago is a church turned bookshop. While the Óbidos City Museum has material on 17th century artist Josefa de Óbidos.

Excitingly, Óbidos hosts an annual international chocolate festival in the spring. Each year there is a different theme, to inspire sculptors. And chocolate-makers and chocolate-eaters come together from around the world to celebrate. For more sweetness, try Ginja de Óbidos, a cherry flavoured liqueur, served in a chocolate cup.

And for when you want to get into a really tranquil headspace, visit the Buddha Eden Garden, the largest of its kind in Europe.

Plus, golfers will be pleased by the options here, particularly 18-hole Royal Óbidos Golf Course.

Nearest airport: Lisbon airport is fifty minutes away. While the bus is an hour and thirty.

Best for: Those looking for a taste of opulence, a fairy tale location to call home.


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