Even if you’ve been pining for life in Spain for a long time, moving overseas can still be a big adjustment. So, we’ve come up with some suggestions for making the transition as smooth as possible.   

Choose an area to buy with an established expat community 

Where you choose to purchase a property will be dependent on many factors: the type of lifestyle you’re after, how easy it is to get to, and the climate offered. But another important factor to look at is what percentage of the population are expats. In Spain, the Balearic Islands, the Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol are all favourites among international buyers. While the British are the biggest overseas buyers in Spain, Germany, France, Belgium and Ireland love it there too – and you’re likely to find clusters where a particular nationality has purchased property. Here, you’ll find more international schools, services and amenities with English-speakers working there, and pubs and shops with offerings from home. 


Glass of white wine on table surrounded by people at party

Ease into life in Spain!

Connect online 

Once you’ve chosen an area to buy, you could connect with other people online, such as through a Facebook group, so that you have a few friendships formed before you have even moved. They’ll probably have some helpful inside knowledge to offer too. 


Join a language class 

Even if you’ve chosen an area popular with expats, learning the language will still make the transition smoother. Plus, joining a class is a great way to meet fellow expats, and you can have a laugh together over your mishaps and mispronunciations. If your Spanish is already pretty strong, you could join a book club.  


Head to the cinema

A trip to the cinema is spectacularly cheap in Spain at around €5. Some cinemas have clubs for you to join, which is a great chance to be social. But also, going to see a flick in Spanish with subtitles is a another superb way to learn the language. 

Don’t hesitate, embrace the chat 

Chatting to your Spanish neighbours, cashiers and restaurateurs is a lovely way to demonstrate that you’re serious about calling Spain home and aren’t just there for a fleeting visit. 


Pick up a new hobby

Always wanted to cycle but have felt put off by the grim British weather? Had some watercolours sitting in your cupboard for far too long? Now is the time to get stuck in and find a group!


Go exploring 

Spain has an excellent public transport system, so hop on and head to a new beach or city. Be a tourist. Take pictures. Read up on medieval Spain. It’ll give you the opportunity to learn more about the customs and culture.


Remember Spanish timings 

Spain is famous for its laidback lifestyle. You might find it a little odd to add a siesta to your routine and you might feel your tummy churning because you’re used to eating earlier, but don’t fight it, embrace it! 


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