Keen to own a home in Spain but not sure exactly where? Step in stunning Seville. Here are our top five reasons you might want to search for a home in this fantastic Andalusian city.  

Fall in love with Seville, Spain.

1. The cold never bites too hard

Do you live in northern Europe and aren’t the biggest fan of the winter chill? At the time of writing, in London, its 8°C, mostly cloudy and the sun is due to set soon. Over in Seville, its 15°C and the sun won’t set for a couple of hours.  And this is typical for a winter day in Seville! The temperature picks up in March with an average daily maximum of 21.4°C and seven hours of sunshine. Summers in Seville can be too hot for some: July can see highs of 36 degrees and twelve hours of sunshine. Temperatures cool by October but even November can see 20-degree heat. For property buyers who are sunseekers (or, indeed sun cravers) Seville offers near year-round warmth.


2. Don’t want to drive a car in Spain? No problem!

This year, Seville has been named ‘Europe’s most walkable city’ by Preply. Additionally, the Express labelled it as ‘ideal for an autumn break’ (we think that its ideal for a winter break too, should you be keen to hop on a plane and view homes asap). In addition to being pedestrian friendly, Seville has captured the hearts of cyclists too, as it particularly flat. For when you need to cover a longer stretch or are in a hurry, there’s a metro, bus, and tram service. Plus, there are plenty of taxis and a shuttle service to get you to the airport. So, if you can’t drive or don’t want to own a car in Spain, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue in Seville.

Seville at sunset

Sunset in Seville.


3. Endless culture

If you’re the type of person that loves to soak in all the history and atmosphere of a place, you’ll love adjusting to life in Seville. It has so much to see and do. Much of the hubbub can be found in Plaza de España with its Spanish Renaissance style buildings. You can also enjoy trips to the Real Alcázar, a truly grand palace and a UNSECO World Heritage site. Seville is also home to the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world! Flamenco was born in Andalusia, making Seville the perfect place to watch a live performance.


4. Fuelled by delicious food

From coffees in the outside seating area of cafes (with an umbrella to take the edge off the sun) to cocktails on a rooftop bar, Seville is home to fantastic eateries. If you have a taste for finer foods, then head to one of Seville’s sixteen restaurants featured in the Michelin Guide. But it’s also really easy to find affordable but tasty tapas bars. Enjoy Carrillada de Cerdo, a traditional stewed meat, Espinacas Con Garbanzos for a veggie fix of chickpeas and spinach, and a glass of orange wine, Vino de Naranja.


5. Lower cost of living than other major Spanish cities

According to Numbeo, you would need €3,731 in Madrid to lead the same life that would in Seville on €3,200 (assuming that you pay rent in both locations). From consumer prices to groceries to restaurants, life is significantly more expensive in Madrid. This is reflected in the price of property too. Over on the Greenacres property portal, we have villas and townhouses for considerably under €100,000 – though these would likely need some renovating. For around €300,000, you can find a better maintained family villa. Additionally, there are some incredible modern apartments in historic buildings, right in the heart of the city, for those with a budget of €400,000 or more. See our properties for sale in Seville here.


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