Curious about buying a home in Tenerife? From the terrific beauty of its nature to its extremely popular beaches to its marvelous weather (you can expect an abundance of sunshine for most of the year), discover just nine reasons to purchase a property in Tenerife.

1. Relish in Tenerife’s unique nature

Tenerife, the largest Canary Island, is an explorer’s dream. It’s home to Spain’s highest peak, the Teide, standing tall at 3,715 metres, offering breathtaking views of dramatic lava landscapes. The Teide National Park hosts unique flora and fauna, some of which are exclusive to the area. This biodiversity adds to the allure of Tenerife for nature enthusiasts. Plus, Tenerife’s visual delights extend beyond the Teide. The island hosts the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Anaga Rural Park, offering stunning views of Laurel Forest, natural pools, and caves.

2. Pop your boots on and go for a hike

Couple with scenic view on volcanic rocks overgrown by moss, green sea plants, algae on coastline in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, Europe. Ocean bath Laja de la Sal. Wave hitting

Embrace your new outdoorsy life in Tenerife!

For walkers and hiking enthusiasts, Tenerife offers a unique opportunity. Within six hours, you can climb the Teide, a feat that outshines the repetitive trails of your home country.

3. Get dreamy: gaze at the stars

Tenerife’s clear skies present a rare opportunity for stargazers. Unpolluted and clear, the night sky in Tenerife is perfect for astronomical observation.

4. Brood over a spot of history

The UNESCO world heritage city of La Laguna offers a blend of ancient architecture and modern amenities, providing a rich cultural experience.

5. But let your hair down at carnival

Tenerife’s capital, Santa de Cruz, is known for its annual carnival, a fortnight-long celebration filled with parades, music, and joy, providing a lively and festive atmosphere.

6. Enjoy a daily dip…and some whale watching

Tenerife’s beaches, with golden sands and turquoise waters, offer more than just sunbathing. The island offers a range of water activities, including surfing, snorkelling, and whale watching.

7. Gorgeous weather for most of the year (yes, really)

One of Tenerife’s greatest appeals is its warm summers and mild winters. This consistent weather allows you to enjoy the island’s outdoor activities throughout the year.

8. Make a pretty penny renting out your home to holidaymakers

Tenerife’s close proximity to the UK and potential for holiday rentals make it a great choice for those looking to buy property overseas.

Whether it’s a one-bedroom apartment for €150,000 or a four-bedroom family home for under €300,000, Tenerife offers a wide range of properties. So, why not start a new chapter of your life in this sunny paradise?

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