Landes is in the department of Nouvelle-Aquitaine in southwestern France. Here are five reasons that we think it is the ideal place to look for an overseas home.  


1. Longer summers

If you’re someone who feels down whenever summer turns to autumn, a property in Landes could suit you well. It receives 2,000 hours of sunshine a year (5,000 more than the UK). From May, it sees highs in the 20s and this lasts right through to October. The warmest months are July and August with highs of 30 degrees. While you’ll feel the most chill in January, which sees an average daily maximum of 11 degrees. Be warned though, the Atlantic Ocean brings in a breeze – though that can be pleasant in the heat of summer.


2. Glorious coastline

Head to the beach!

The major plus of Landes’s lovely weather is that you get to relish in its coast for longer. Keen surfers will feel at home at Hossegor Beach and neighbouring Seignosse Beach, as they are both rated highly for catching waves. If you are looking for a beach to fill up your Instagram feed with snaps of, then Contis-Plage has a charming beachfront village and a pretty lighthouse. While Truc Vert Beach enjoys a secretive feel because it is in the Cap Ferret forest.


3. The specialness of pine

Enjoy Landes’s nature!

Its pine that makes Landes a stand-out location. It is home to the largest pine forest in Europe, Landes de Gasogne forest, covering over 10,000 square kilometres, it is a picturesque place for a walk or cycle. One of its most unique features is the Doucs de Cazalis, which are huge sand dunes that tower over the trees. For something even more unique, you can also roam through the Contemporary Art Forest, which has art installations immersed in the forest. Even with the dominance of pine, there’s still a diverse range of fauna and flora to see – you can even spy deer and wild boar.


4. Spa towns

If you are looking to buy a home somewhere you can truly unwind, then you’ll love Landes. It has a historic reputation for its spa towns. With Dax claiming to be the very first spa town in France, with the warm, mineral-rich waters of Adour River still enticing visitors today. Eugénie-les-Bains is another great spa town, it promises culinary wellness too: the Les Prés d’Eugénie restaurant boasts of three Michelin stars.


5. Culinary tastiness

As anticipated with any region in France, Landes has truly wonderful food offering. Being at sea, you can expect to tuck into oysters, mussels and fresh fish. Fat duck is also a huge part of the local gastronomy, and you’ll find it in the form of foie gras and confits. Asparagus, corn and pine nuts are all locally produced and delicious. Then you can finish it all off with Landes patis, a brioche with orange blossom and rum.


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