If you’re planning on buying a home abroad in Italy, you may be looking for somewhere you can enjoy mild weather at any time of year. While most of the country can feel quite chilly during the winter, there are a few hotspots where you can experience a warm climate, even in December.


Sicily is often considered one of the best places in Europe to catch some winter sun. Whilst the best time of year to visit is spring or autumn, a hot wind from Africa can raise the temperature to around 20 °C or above in winter and 40°C in summer. You could be walking around wearing a T-shirt in December!

The best part of visiting Sicily in winter is beating the crowds. You’ll be able to experience the island’s stunning Baroque towns and extraordinary archaeological sites all to yourself. For a change of activity, you could even try skiing on Mount Etna. Many say that the only thing you lose from Sicily during winter is the crowds.


Naples has a lot to offer at any time of year – visit the beautiful Amalfi coast, wander around Positano or explore Pompeii. However, it could be said that the city itself truly comes alive in winter, as do its traditions and customs.

December is generally sunny in Naples, with temperatures around a pleasant 15°C. And if you’re really looking to get into the Christmas spirit, it could be said that there’s no better place to be. Naples has a whole street, San Gregorio Armeno, full of shops that make and sell nativity scenes. The epiphany is also celebrated with many events that have become an integral part of the Neapolitan calendar.


It’s often said that Puglia is best explored in the winter. The scorching hot weather in the summer is replaced by relatively mild temperatures of around 16°C. You’ll also escape the crowds, have time to connect with the locals and experience Puglia without the tourist hustle and bustle.

Known for its seafood and pasta, Puglia’s traditional dishes are just as good and perhaps fresher in the winter months. In contrast to the summer where the beach is the main focus, you can use your winter trip to explore the surrounding mountains and the beauty of Gargano National Park.

During the winter, you’ll also be able to take in Puglia’s wonderful towns and villages at your own pace. Boasting unique architecture with a wealth of history, the likes of Lecce and Trulli are places that you won’t want to miss.

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