We’ve picked out the features of four of the Cyclades islands, so that you can decide which one you would most like to own a home on.

The Cyclades is a group of Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, southeast of mainland Greece. One of the warmest regions in Greece, you can expect warm weather between May and October, temperatures reach their peak in July and August with highs in the 30s. While all of the Cyclades promises lovely beaches, delicious Mediterranean food, and an inviting atmosphere, we’ve drawn out the characteristics of each one to help you choose the one best suited to you.


1. Santorini


Even if you have never touched down on Santorini soil, you can picture it in your mind, as it is world-famous for its pretty aesthetic. Its architecture is especially distinct: white-washed houses and blue domed churches, with the sunshine gleaming on the white. Its natural geography is beautiful too. The most stand-out feature is the caldera, a large, submerged volcanic crater. It resembles a cauldron. Fira, the capital and the biggest town in Santorini, benefits from the best views of the caldera.

Santorini is home to beautiful beaches. The most noteworthy include the Perissa beach, which has black lava sand. While the aptly named Red Beach is known for its unique red sand. With its volcanic soil, Santorini has a reputation for making excellent wine. Taste local wines. Go on tours. Cheers.

In conclusion: Santorini is prettier than a picture. If you want to take endless photos of gorgeous scenery, this is the place own a home.



2. Mykonos



Since the 1960s, Mykonos has cultivated a reputation for attracting the rich and glamorous to its shores. Mykonos’s biggest pull are its crystal-clear waters and beautiful beaches – possibly the most beautiful that Greece has to offer. Both Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach (I know, their names alone make you want to check them out) are alive with partying and fun. Additionally, Mykonos is a hubbub for boutique and luxury hotels, high-end shopping, and yachts. However, Mykonos has been criticised for being too pricey and can get over-crowded during the peak season.

In conclusion: A home in Mykonos would be suited to those looking for the beach party lifestyle.


3. Kea

Ioulida, Kea

Ioulida, Kea

Kea has a different atmosphere to the other Cyclades islands. It has not been as designed to attract tourists, and therefore, benefits from a less crowded, calmer feel. However, Kea is an easy one-hour ferry ride from Lavrio Port. As such, it is a popular getaway for Athenians. Moreover, some Greek islands can be challenging to get to during the off-season, as international flights decrease. But, flights from Athens are regular throughout the year. So, you could fly to Athens and then take an easy ferry ride to your property in Kea.

In addition, Kea is architecturally different to the other Cyclades islands. It is not home to white-washed buildings with blue domes, instead, you’ll see neo-classical buildings, painted in earthy tones. The landscape is hilly, and the beaches are pretty and quiet. The main town, Ioulida, is at an elevated position with views of the countryside. You are not allowed cars in Ioulida, which makes it especially tranquil.

In conclusion: Kea would fit those that seeking a home on an island with a relaxed atmosphere.


4. Naxos



The largest of the Cyclades islands, Naxos has a varied landscape of valleys, mountain ranges, hills, and as anticipated, stunning beaches. Plaka is the longest beach on the island; it is well-facilitated and family friendly. While Naxos does quite have the party scene of Mykonos, its main town, Chora, is a lively place to be. It is great for an evening meal and lots of happy chatter into the night. Plus, Naxos has lots of ancient ruins and Medieval structures to uncover, such as Portora, a famous marble doorway. Naxos is also great for hikers, you can go to Mount Zas, which is the highest peak in the Cyclades.


In conclusion: Naxos would fit those wanting a home on a lively – but not too lively – island. It boasts of a mix of old-fashioned charm and modern nightlife.


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