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Between 2013 and 2016, just in France, 25 000 people chose to invest in Portugal. Attracted by the lifestyle, the prices and attractive fiscal conditions, 15.5% of visitors carried out searches for a property in one of its regions.

Especially dynamic, the Portuguese market, and especially its coastline, has many assets to attract investors.

Close up on the most attractive regions :


The Algarve, Lisbon and the coastal regions

The most southerly region of Portugal, the Algarve also attracted the biggest number of searches in Portugal with nearly 46% of visitors. A coastline recognized for its beauty, a very sunny climate, warm sea, a rich heritage and a booming property market. All this comes together to make the Algarve a paradise for investors or for those looking for a second home.


Region % of searches Average price
Algarve 45,82 % 607 334€
Lisbonne 14,35 % 954 808€
Madère 7,89 % 390 398€
Leiria 7,43 % 317 081€
Setubal 4,72 % 468 223€

Source : Green-acres Observatory


Next comes the region of Lisbon which, beyond the attraction of the capital, offers the assets of a very dynamic city, both culturally and economically. There is no surprize to see Madeira and the coastal regions of Leira and Setubal follow on the list.

An attractive market

Despite fairly high average prices for the month of April 2017, Portugal offers a wide choice of opportunities and properties for all budgets.

‘The Portuguese property market is especially interesting’, declared Benoît Galy, the founder of ‘Investor profiles are really very varied. They can be well off people looking for second homes in the Algarve just as easily as retired people looking for a seaside apartment to spend a couple of months per year and take advantage of the advantageous fiscal situation. Today, it is one of the most dynamic markets in Europe.’


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