The Kingdom of Morocco is known for its pleasant weather, beautiful beaches, natural landscapes and of course the legendary hospitality and openness of its people.


No wonder it is one of the favourite destinations for French expats with more than 51,000 living in Morocco in 2015. This number is growing by 4% each year and the overall number of expats in the country follows a rate of 9%.


European newcomers like British and Spanish expats or even a growing Asian community are pushing up these numbers, matching the Moroccan governments efforts to stay the most attractive country in the region.


Indeed, Morocco offers one of the safest environments for foreigners, due to political and economic stability.  The authorities are also heavily investing in building and modernizing the country’s infrastructures.


What impact do these trends have on the property market?


After a few years of stability, the reviving local demand and international influx are stimulating the offering of a wide choice of opportunities and properties for all budgets. Especially dynamic in Tangiers and Marrakech, the Moroccan market has many assets to attract international investors and property seekers. The prices are very competitive compared to southern Europe and Mediterranean countries.


Green-Acres aims to become the leading website for international property seekers in Morocco.


Many international real-estate agencies are already thriving in this very attractive market, coexisting with local companies. They are natural and ideal partners for Green-Acres. Moreover, the nature of the offer in Morocco, is well adapted to our traditional positioning.


In this ideal context, we are boosting our sales forces  and expanding our presence in Morocco, as the reference site in terms of international property purchases.


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