Thinking of purchasing a property along the brilliant Spanish coast? Consider the Costa Brava. It has amazing rock formations, pretty historical towns, and a wonderful landscape for walkers.

Costa Brava is a coastal region of Catalonia in north-eastern Spain. The Costa Brava is regarded as stretching from the town of Blanes to the French border, therefore including parts of the province of Girona.


Warm but with a dash of rain

Costa Brava is an ideal location for Brits looking to move to Spain for sunshine but are still fans of broken up seasons. It is rainier than the rest of the country, so will feel familiar to those of us with sturdy umbrellas.


Having said that, Costa Brava enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate of hot, dry summers and mild winters. In July and August, temperatures regularly reach 30 degrees. In autumn, temperatures fall to the low twenties and early teens. October usually sees 73mm of rain, often brought on by thunderstorms. Winters can get cold enough for a touch of snow and overnight frosts. Although, typically, temperatures are at 14 degrees.

Getting there

Costa Brava is served by two airports, so which one suits you best will depend on where you choose to purchase a home. Girona serves in the north, Barcelona to the south.

Beaches set in a beautiful landscape

Beach Cove

Rock formations surround beaches beautifully.

As you would expect from a Spanish Costa, Brava has wonderful beaches. They are framed by rock formations. Sometimes, the rocks make the beaches that bit tricker to get to, but once you get there, it feels all the more special. For example, Cala Pola is a breath-taking cove formed by coarse sand. You can only get so close to it with a car, otherwise it’s a trip to be made by foot or boot. You can add to your experience by staying in the campsite. A stunning cove might be just the escape from home every once in a while. Plus, nudists will love Cala del Senyor Ramon, a secluded spot perfect for being bare.


A walker’s paradise

With its hilly terrain, Costa Brava offers amazing options for keen hikers. From the coastline to the forest, walking tours are a chance to conquer Costa Brava’s distinct rock formations.

Daytrips to the city of Girona

Girona Cathedral

Girona Cathedral

Girona is a city that wears influences of the Romans, the Moors, the Franks, and most recently, Barcelona. The Old and New Towns are like a portal through time to the present day. Even if you do not buy a property in Girona, just living on the Costa Brava, it is great exploring. Rewarded in TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards 2022, Girona Cathedral is a spectacular 15th century building that boasts of the second widest nave in the world. With its age and its grandeur, it looks as if it belongs in a film. Also recognised by the TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice, Passeig de la Muralla is an astonishing ancient wall that you can walk to marvel at the city.


Be a busy bee in Barcelona

Dependent on where you choose to live, Barcelona could be just a drive away. Catalan’s cosmopolitan capital is just bursting for things for you to see and do. It has over 80 restaurants featured in the Michelin guide, making it a foodie’s heaven. It is home to Barcelona FC, making it a riveting place for a sportsman. Art lovers can wile away their hours in the Picasso Museum. Shoppers’ heads will swoon at La Rambla, a hub of flower stalls, shops, art, cafes, and bars. Then, you can fill your pantry and fridge with items from La Boqueria Market, the biggest market in Catalonia.


Even if you decide that you would like to live somewhere smaller and more chilled out along the Costa Brava, it is still excellent to know that Barcelona is there. Whether you’ve got Christmas to shop for or special dinner dates to book or if you have friends to stay and you want to share a thrilling day of food, shopping, and culture.


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