From the joys of an urban beach to the influence of Picasso, discover what makes Málaga such a brilliant place to own a property.   

Málaga is the capital city of the province of Málaga, in the autonomous region community of Andalusia. It is a beautiful, creative city on the sea. It would be a wonderful choice for those seeking a sunny seaside city to own a home in. Alternatively, you might prefer to own a home on a smaller location along the Costa del Sol and enjoy days out in Málaga.

Urban beaches

La Malagueta Beach

La Malagueta Beach.

If you are somebody who loves the buzz of a city but also adores dozing on a sun lounger, a home in Málaga could suit you well. Just ten minutes from the city centre, Playa La Malagueta is the city’s 1,2000-metre-long urban beach. It has a promenade lined with palm trees, plenty of umbrellas, and a playground to entertain the kids.

The Picasso influences…

Did you know that Pablo Picasso was born in Málaga? The city has continued to be inspired by him and has a strong creative atmosphere. The Museo Picasso Málaga has a great collection of his works. But the building itself is fantastic too as it was once a 16th century palace. To see what Málaga’s creatives are up to today, walk the streets of Málaga Soho, as it covered in impressive wall art. Plus, on the first Saturday of every month, you can purchase local art and antiques for your new Málaga home at the “Made in Soho” market.

Great options for shopping

Málaga has a diverse range of shopping options. If you are after big brands, you’ll want to go to Puerto Muello Uno, an open-air shopping centre. While if you’re after more unique items, there are second-hand and vintage shops in Calle de los Mártires.

Andalusian cuisine


Tuck in to your paella!

Make the most of owning a home on the coast by embracing some wonderful Andalusian seafood dishes. Paella is on a new level of tasty when it is made using fresh fish and you’re eating it in a waterfront restaurant. Fritura Malaguena is usually made of cod or squid, it’s fried and served with a wedge of lemon. The contrast between the texture of the fish and its crispy exterior is delicious.

For days when it is hot, you can enjoy Porra Antequerana, the region’s version of gazpacho. Expect a slightly thicker texture.  

Then, if you love fancy food, Málaga currently boasts of 14 restaurants featured in the Michelin Guide.

What is the weather like?

Happily, Málaga experiences over 300 days of sunshine a year. The city enjoys long summers and mild winters. Plus, both spring and autumn see temperatures in the late teens to early twenties.

But be wary of hot temperatures…

In summer, you can expect temperatures to reach 30°C. However, Málaga has experienced a heatwave this year, with daytime temperatures going as high as 44°C. Night temperatures also broke records at 34°C, not something that has happened since records began in 1942, according to Sur in English. To cope with a heatwave, we recommend not going out in the middle of the day and taking a fan to help you cool down when you do. When it comes to your home, your blinds truly are your friend and will help to regulate the temperature in your property. Apply sun cream liberally and drink lots of water!

The airport is easy to get to from the city

Handily, Málaga’s international airport is just 8km away from the city. It serves the whole of the Costa del Sol, so can be pretty busy, especially in the peak season. However, it does have plenty of budget-friendly flights.

Properties for sale in Málaga

The price of property in Málaga varies quite a bit from inland to seafront homes. A budget of €250,000 will find you a small city apartment or a large finca inland. In addition, if you are looking for a high-end property, there are plenty of new builds popping up in the city.

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