The beautiful and historic town of Lucca in Tuscany offers beautiful landscapes, a rich history and affordable property. But what do international buyers love most about the town and how much will you pay for a home there?

A true Tuscan town

Surrounded by the iconic rolling green hills, Lucca offers the real Tuscan experience – something that is high on many property buyers’ lists. Property includes traditional villas and farmhouses, all with exceptional countryside views.

The town is surrounded by huge walls (one of only four Italian cities that still has fully intact ancient Renaissance walls). It is this fact that has resulted in Lucca being known as one of Italy’s “Città d’arte” (Art towns). The walls are so wide that the tops have been transformed into a lush park with walking and cycling trails.

Lucca is also famous for its incredibly high towers – which were once a sign of a prestige – with the tallest being the 50-metre-high clock tower of Torre dell’Orologio located in Via Fillungo. The top of the tower offers incredible views of Lucca’s roof tops and the countryside beyond.

Love a bit of shopping? Lucca offers fantastic shopping opportunities, particularly along Fillungo, the 700-metre-long main shopping street. Combining ancient and modern, its shops sell everything from gold and leather to the latest fashions. Outside the walls you will also find large supermarkets, hardware stores, etc.

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Property prices

Property within the walls can be rather expensive with wealthy Americans, British, northern Europeans, and Canadians all owning homes there. Average prices in the historic centre are around €2,500 per square metre.

Head outside of the centre, but still within the walls, property in the sought-after areas of Sant Alessio and the hills around Pieve Santo Stefano cost between €2,200 and €2,300 per square metre.

Once outside of the walls, property prices fall to between €2,100 and €2,200 per square metre. €2,100 – €2,200 per square metre.

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