Lecce is a historic town in Puglia, southern Italy. Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot, is one of the most sought-after areas by property buyers. So, if you’re keen on owning a home in Puglia and like the convenience and bustle of a city, you might want to pop Lecce on your radar. Here’s why.

Reminiscent of Florence (without the sky-high prices or crowds)

Ancient Amphitheatre

The ancient amphitheatre.

Lecce has often been compared to Florence for its stunning Baroque architecture. Traffic has been limited in the historic centre, which not only makes for a more pleasant walking experience, but also makes you feel as if you really have been transported back in time. Lecce has lots of lovely old religious buildings, but the real show-stealer is the Lecce Cathedral. Then, for a real sense of novelty, you must visit the 2nd century amphitheatre. But perhaps the real plus is that as wonderful as Lecce is to look at and be in, the experience is made all the more enjoyable by the absence of crowds (and therefore the high prices) that you find in more touristy cities.

Plus, after dark, Lecce buzzes with people chatting away in the terraces and outside seating of restaurants and bars.

Near the coast and countryside

If you like the idea of living in the city, but also want to be able to easily pop off to the beach or to the countryside for a hike on the weekend, then a home for sale in Lecce could suit you perfectly. The seaside town of San Cataldo is just twenty minutes away; while Porto Cesaro is forty minutes. Puglia is known for its utterly gorgeous countryside. And just an hour in the car, and you can visit the Itria Valley, known for its amazing olive oil.

Cucina povera


Italy is loved the world over for its food and Lecce is no exception. It is particularly famous for “cucina povera” which translates as “poor cuisine”. While the name might not sound appetising, it actually focuses on making the most of local produce. Think fresh vegetables from the surrounding countryside and fresh fish from the Ionian Sea. Dig into scrumptious orecchiette con cime di rapa – delicious pasta that is shaped like an ear, especially good with greens and anchovies.

Affordable property prices

Another advantage of Lecce having a less-discovered feel is that the price of home here is considerably more affordable than that of other major Italian cities. Over on the Greenacres Italy property portal, we have properties for sale in Lecce for as little as €45,000. These are often older homes that could do with some work before they are ready to move into. Even so, you can find a centrally located, well-maintained apartment in Lecce for just under €100,000.  While the starting price for a multi-bedroom house would be €250,000.


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