Whether for retirement or a holiday home, the northern stretch of the Costa Blanca has lots to offer. Here we share why and where to buy property in the Northern Costa Blanca.

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Why buy a property in the Northern Costa Blanca

Wonderful climate – With over 300 days of sunshine a year and average temperatures barely ever dropping below 20°C, the Northern Costa Blanca is an ideal year-round destination. Summer temperatures don’t get too hot either, making it one of the most liveable parts of Spain.

Gorgeous beaches – Not only does the region boast 200km of coastline, but many of the beaches are also framed by the most beautiful mountainous backdrop. Head to Dénia, Xàbia, Calp and Altea to experience the best beaches and coves the region has to offer.

Natural parks – The north of the Costa Blanca is greener and more mountainous than the south. As such, there are many spectacular natural parks with beautiful nature trails for hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities.

Authentic Spanish lifestyle – Compared to the southern stretch of the Costa Blanca, the north has retained much of its authenticity. Inland villages remain very traditional with afternoon siestas and laid-back tapas bars being commonplace. If you’re looking for a taste of ‘real Spain’, this is it – definitely don’t expect everyone to speak English!

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Where to buy property in the Northern Costa Blanca


This is a real working town as well as a popular expat destination. It is an attractive town with the classic northern Costa Blanca backdrop of mountains. There are plenty of shops and a typical café culture as well as a lovely indoor market where people often meet with friends to enjoy some tapas or buy fresh produce.

The town has been heavily influenced by its previous occupiers, including the Greeks, Romans and Moors. This is particularly evident in the impressive Moorish castle that stands proudly above the town, keeping guard on the cliff edge.

There is also a pretty Old Town with different architectural styles including some very elegant facades and old fishermen’s cottages, as well as a charming marina with numerous waterfront restaurants. It is also incredibly easy to visit the Balearic islands from Dénia via a ferry.


Javéa is a larger town than Dénia with a real mixture of Spanish and expats but still feels, overall, very Spanish with narrow, winding streets and whitewashed houses. Like Dénia, the town enjoys a gorgeous mountain backdrop and boasts a pretty marina and port with the old town lying inland 3 km from the sea.

The town’s mild climate means the sea is warm enough to swim in all year, albeit slightly on the chillier side in the winter! A popular activity in Javéa is to walk along the promenade, admiring the sparkling sea, and stopping off at a café or restaurant for a meal or drink with a waterfront view.

Javéa has two beaches and is also within easy reach of four of the best golf courses on the Costa Blanca.

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