From fashion to art to beautiful historic townhouses, discover the joys of living in Italy’s second largest city, Milan. 

Many overseas buyers search for a characterful home nestled in Tuscan’s rolling hills. While others seek to be perched on top of the Dolomites in a chalet with impressive views. For some, it’s the coast that calls. And then, there are those of us that get our life force from being in the middle of a bustling, exciting city. Those of us who love the sensory bombardment of smells, noises, people upon people.

A perfect place for the culturally curious

Stylish young woman walking in Brera district, Milan, Italy

To Milan!

If you’re one of those people, you might just feel at home in Milan. Italy’s second largest city is not just the capital of Lombardy, but the country’s capital of finance and fashion. Plus, like much of Italy, Milan spoils its residents (and tourists) with its choice of galleries and museums. In Milan, you’ll be able to see Francesco Hayez’s ‘The Kiss’ and Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘The Supper’. Plus, the Leonardo di Vinci Museum of Science and Technology is a must-visit.

Milan’s most iconic building is the epic Cathedral Duomo, though it has been rebuilt a few times, it still possesses its 14th century Gothic beauty. Not only is it beautiful to view but climb the steps (or get the lift), and you can appreciate incredible views of Milan.

Don’t forget date nights at the La Scala Opera House, one of the most prestigious opera houses in the world.

Ideal for fashion fiends


Shop til you drop!

When it comes to fashion, Milan is unquestionably legendary. It is home to some of the world’s most world respected fashion schools and major publications, such as Vogue and Elle. Even on the streets of Milan, you’ll see some of the best-dressed people passing you by. To fix up your wardrobe to fit in with your new hometown, head to the Quadrilatero d’Oro for the best Italian designers (think Prada, Versace and Armani. Plus, there’s even the Museo del Tuessuto, which is dedicated to Armani style. Then, of course, there’s the highlight of the year, Milam Fashion Week.

Milan’s status as a global centre makes it easier to fit in

While we recommend brushing up on your Italian to make adjusting to life there as easy as possible, Milan’s status as a global centre means that English is widely spoken. You will find expatriates from the UK, the rest of Europe and the USA.

With thriving industries, especially fashion and finance, there’s lots of job opportunities. Furthermore, there are international schools and university courses taught in English, should you want to raise a family there.

Additionally, Milan has Italy’s longest metro system, great train links to the rest of the country, and fantastic options for international flights. You won’t feel at all disconnected in Milan.

Get a taste for Milan

Italy is at the top of many international buyer’s lists because of its delicious food and Milan is no exception. It boasts of over 100 restaurants in the Michelin Guide, including 20 restaurants with one star or more. Lombardy is famous for its veal, negroni sbagliato and the traditional Christmas cake Panettone – enjoy! (Though maybe not all at once).

Holidays to Lake Como

When you are after a change of pace, you have the surrounding Lombardy region to explore. You can be at pretty, peaceful Lake Como in just 40 minutes, via train. For the coast, your journey time is an hour and forty in the car, to lovely Liguria.

What kind of home can I buy?

Property for sale in Milan comes with a price tag that’s reflective of the city’s status. Apartments can be purchased for around €400,000 while townhouses start at a million. Many properties for sale in Milan are extremely beautiful, historic and minutes away from a monument or a street that contributes to the city’s fabulousness. If you have the means, Milan has an incredible choice of luxury homes.

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