The capital of the Piedmont region, Turin is a city in northern Italy. While most overseas buyers are drawn to the Amalfi Coast or Tuscany, Turin offers a unique atmosphere that you might feel more at home in. 


A different side to Italy


Turin has not attracted the levels of tourism that other major Italian cities, such as Milan, Venice or Florence have. It has the feel of a city that is still very much whirring away, being kept going by a stream of coffee. If you want to immerse yourself in a city that feels “authentic” rather than cleaned up and prettified for tourists, Turin should be on your list. Industry, as opposed to tourism, is essential to the way of life in Turin. It is here that the Italian automotive industry began life, and the Fiat was invented here. The city comes in third (after Rome and Milan) for its economic strength.


But there’s still plenty of culture to explore

San Carlo Square, Turin.

San Carlo Square, Turin.

Even though Turin has the atmosphere of a gritty, working city, there’s still plenty to stop and look at. If its history of car making interests you, then head to Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile, which has over 200 cars on display. Plus, to browse through an impressive collection of over 30,000 ancient Egyptian artefacts at the Museo Egizio. For a taste of grandeur, head to the Palazzo Reale, a UNSECO World Heritage site, the former residence of the Duke of Savoy and his family. Now it contains free-to-access grand halls, royal museum and library, it has beautiful gardens.


You will adore its café culture


Enjoy your bicerin.

Lined with 17th century buildings, churches and cafes, Piazza San Carlo is one of the central areas in Turin and a memorable place to sit down for your afternoon coffee. If you’re looking for something sweeter, you’ll adore the local drink bicerin, which is a mix of coffee and hot chocolate. Plus, Turin benefits from having the Piedmont region’s famous red wine readily available. The food is spot-on too with forty restaurants featured in the Michelin Guide.


Your gateway to skiing


One of the great things about a home for sale in Turin is how close you will be to high-quality, beautiful Italian ski resorts. Indeed, from one of Turin’s most iconic buildings, the Dome of the Mole, you can view the Alps from its 85-metre-high panoramic terrace. Ski resorts that are less than two-hour drive away include: Via Lattea, Monte Rosa and Courmayeur. 


Budget-friendly property options


Another great advantage of Turin is that is offers considerably more affordable property options than Milan, Rome or Venice. Excitingly, even in the city centre, it is possible to find a ready to move into apartment with a budget of €200,000. Outside of the city centre, you’ll be able to get your hands on a family villa from €300,000. If you have a large budget, then you could purchase a renovated apartment in a gorgeous old building.


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