The Costa Blanca is over 200km of Mediterranean coastline in the Alicante province, on the south-eastern coast of Spain. But the Costa Blanca is not the same for 200km, and it would be dull if it was! Benidorm and Gran Alacant are 60km apart on the Costa Blanca, they are on opposite sides of Alicante, and have different vibes, suited to different types of people. So we can all, whatever our tastes and temperament, park ourselves along the gorgeous Costa Blanca.


Benidorm beach in the daytime.

Except bustle on a Benidor, beach.

What you can expect from both Benidorm and Gran Alacant

The climate on the Costa Blanca has an all-year-round appeal. The hottest months are June through to August. In July, the average daily maximum temperature along the Costa Blanca is a wondrously warm 31°C. Yet still, in September, as the UK starts to feel a chill, September is around 28°C. And in October, when you are really starting to miss t-shirt weather, the temperature remains in the twenties. Even in February, the highs are at 16°C. So, wherever you purchase a property, be it Gran Alacant or Benidorm, you will definitely be warmer than you would be in the UK.

The airport for both destinations is Alicante. From all London airports, the flight is a breezy two and a half hours. Flights from Glasgow to Alicante are just a little over three hours. Flights are regular throughout the year. But be warned: July and August are the busiest months, so you will need to book well in advance if you hope to travel to your abode during these months.

Alicante airport is a forty-minute drive to Benidorm. But to Gran Alacant, it is under ten minutes! A win for Gran Alacant if you are a last-minute packer who often misplaces their passport.

El Carabassi, Gran Alacant.

El Carabassi, Gran Alacant.

What makes Benidorm and Gran Alacant different

Benidorm is the place for people who can’t sit still. People who like to be entertained from day to night, and day to night again.

Benidorm is home to Playa de Poniete, a beach that stretches 3,000 metres. Beaches in Benidorm have a wealth of activities for you to get up to from kayaking to jet skis to parasailing. By contrast, Carabassi Beach in Gran Alacant while praised for its beauty, is less built up. There are some activities to do in the summer but in the off season it winds down completely.

The question is: what kind of beach are you looking for? Do you like your beach days to be busy and athletic? Or do you prefer your beach days to consist of long swims and longer reads in the sun?

Benidorm is known all over for its nightlife. There’s the West End Show Bar, number one on TripAdvisor Benidorm Nightlife, offering live cabaret and drag shows. For people who love nothing more than a tribute performance, there’s the Rock & Roll House. The nightlife opens its doors to the LGBTQI+ community. Gran Alacant does not have the raving nightlife that Benidorm possesses. It is more the place for a lovely meal of fresh seafood followed by a walk along the beach. So, who are you? Do you want to do your best Johnny Cash impression or have a quiet candle-lit meal?

houses in Gran Alacant

What kind of property are you looking for along the Costa Blanca?

Property in Benidorm and Gran Alacant

Unsurprisingly, both Benidorm and Gran Alacant have a strong British expat community, and you are sure to find your people there. Gran Alacant is very hilly, perfect for walkers, and populated by traditional Spanish houses. However, on your walks, you will spot modern apartment buildings popping up. It is up-and-coming as a tourist and expat spot, while maintaining a Spanish feel. Benidorm is already established as a “Britain in the sun” destination. The skyscrapers already light up the night sky. In Benidorm, you’d need a budget of €200,000 for a decent two-bedroom property. In Gran Alacant, for a two-bedroom traditional Spanish townhouse, the starting price is €100,000 – but to purchase a new build, the price is the same as Benidorm, at €200,000.

If you are leaning more Gran Alacant but like the sound of a trip to Benidorm every once in a while, then not to worry, the car journey is only forty-five minutes! So, while you do have to choose where exactly to purchase a home, all the beauty of the Costa Blanca will still be at your fingertips.