An affordable home situated in a stunning setting just two hours outside of the great city of Rome, is such a thing really possible? Yes, it’s Italy, so of course it is! While Tuscany can hog the limelight when it comes to where international property buyers search for a home, Abruzzo is increasingly attracting attention. Plus, the homes and lifestyle are great for those on a budget. 

Abruzzo is a large region, indeed, it’s so large that it straddles the north and south of Italy. Here, you’ll find hilltop villages with Medieval and Renaissance influences that’ll feel like time portals into the past and will possibly serve as a welcome escape from the bustle and stress of the modern world. While the city of Pescara has a distinct modern feel. We look at where to buy in more detail, so you can pick the place for you.

Pretty Pescara



Bordering the Adriatic Sea, Pescara is the centrepiece of Abruzzo. It suffered greatly in WWII but has since been rebuilt to make for a city that is simultaneously lovely and low-key. In the summer, holidaymakers flock there for a bathe and a dip. While its interesting archaeological finds might inspire a new passion in you. The city is an absolute hit with cyclists, as it is home to the Sea Bridge, at 466 metres, it is the longest pedestrian-cyclist bridge in Italy. If you choose to buy elsewhere in Abruzzo, Pescara will still be your go-to for shopping, healthcare and the rest of life’s admin. Plus, you’ll be just a five-minute drive from the airport. You could even drag your baggage there in a 50-minute leg stretch before you sit on a flight.

Splendid Spoltore

If you’d prefer somewhere with a more historic feel, just a fifteen minute drive away from the coast, you’ll find beautiful Spoltore. It is home to elegant, must-see buildings including the ruins of an ancient castle, San Panfilo Parish Church and Church of San Francesco d’Assisi. Plus, at the highest point of the village, you can appreciate vistas of the Pescara valley.

Charming Citta Sant Angelo

 Citta Sant Angelo,

Citta Sant Angelo.

Italy has an association of beautiful villages, Borghi più belli d’Italia, and Citta Sant Angelo is featured on the list! Having said that, Citta Sant Angelo is more of a small town than a village with over 14,000 residents. It is characterised by its medieval appearance, its well-preserved old churches, restaurants selling delicious local cosine and its market. It is praised for its views of the Pescara coastline and the Maiella and Gran Sasso mountains. To learn about other beautiful Abruzzo villages, head here.


What can I get for my budget?

Abruzzo has yet to be discovered by tourists or overseas buyers in quite the same way as the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany and Umbria. Therefore, the region offers brilliant affordable property options (and a lower cost of living too!). On the Greenacres property portal, you will find homes starting from €70,000.


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