Venice is made up of 118 islands, interconnected by canals and 400 bridges. It is known for being a city on the water with its magnificent Grand Canal as the focal point. Here are ten reasons to fall in love with Venice and buy a home there…  

1. Tonnes of history to uncover

Venice and its lagoon are listed as a UNSECO World Heritage site. It was recognised for its unique historical, archaeological, urban, artistic, and cultural traditions. Venice was a major maritime republic, with connections to mainland Europe and Asia. So, if you love to be somewhere seeped in history, you’ll adore it here. For the story of Venice’s founding to its union with Italy, Museo Correr is a great start.

2. Art to absorb

Look at dreamy Venice!

Venice itself is as a pretty as a picture – and perhaps, pretty enough to feature in many pictures on your Instagram feed. But there is also lots of art to absorb too. For glass art, head to Murano Glass Museum. For oil paintings dating between the 13 th to 17th centuries, go to Gallerie dell’Accademia. While Ca’ Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art is the best for 19 th through to 20th century art. Who knows, you might be inspired to get your paper and paint out and create your own impression of Venice.

3. Festivals!

In February, you get to don your most beautiful masquerade costume for the Carnevale Festival. A colourful, traditional festival that requires you to dance until dawn. While the Venice Film Festival brings in the most well-established industry names to the city.

4. Delicious food options

glass of wine on table in outdoor city cafe on water channel in Venice, Italy.

The perfect view for feasting.

Traditionally, food in Venice is very influenced by the lagoon. If it’s there, why not make the most of it? Given its maritime history, Venetian cuisine has influences from across the world. Chicéti are snack foods, a little like Spanish tapas, that you pair with wine. Think pickled vegetables and fried bite-sized seafood. Plus, Venice has 68 restaurants featured in the Michelin Guide.

5. Car free life

Ready to escape the car fumes? Keen to get some kip without having to block out the sound of traffic? When you’re in Venice, you’re getting around via boat or foot. So, swap uber for a romantic gondola for two. And embrace the scent of the water over car fumes.

6. A little adventure to get there…

A car-free city means that there’s always a little adventure to get to your Venetian property. International flyers land at Marco Polo International and then typically take a water taxi to the city. It just adds to the specialness of the place…

7. Wonderful summers, agreeable spring and autumn

Venice sees temperatures in the high twenties during July and August. Given its history, art and festivals, Venice can be a little crowded during the summer months. But if you would rather enjoy your Venice home when the tourists are not there, then you will appreciate the weather from April to early October, when temperatures are at least in the late teens to early twenties.

8. Nearby beaches

Lido di Jesolo,

Lido di Jesolo.

As if Venice was not special enough, you can go to the beach too. The most popular beach is the Lido di Jesolo, a stunning 15-kilometre stretch of golden sands. Lido has a seaside holiday feel with great nightlife, quite distinct from the city itself.

9. After-dark activities

While Venice is not known for its nightlife, there is plenty to do. Other than romantically stare at your partner at a moonlit bar by the Grand Canal. The birthplace of the Bellini is here, in Harry’s Bar. Venice is home to the world’s oldest casino, Casino di Venezia, so you can try your luck there. If you want to shiver in your boots, you can take an underground night tour of the Crypt.

10. Huge rental appeal

If you are planning of buying a home to rent out to holidaymakers, you are sure to have lots of interest. Venice is frequently featured on lists for the best place to have a honeymoon. Moreover, the novelty of a city on the water, the history, art, and festivities means that it is a must-visit location for many.

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