Málaga has regularly been voted as one of the most liveable cities in Spain. In this article, we explore this beautiful city and share four reasons why it would be a great place to buy a holiday home.

Low cost of living

Málaga is one of the most affordable cities in Spain. According to Numbeo, consumer prices excluding rent are around 16% cheaper in Málaga than in Barcelona and 11% cheaper than Madrid.

If you wanted to eat out at a restaurant in Málaga, it is about 17% cheaper than in both Barcelona and Madrid, and grocery prices are also lower.

Property prices are affordable too. The average home in the city is around €2,500 per square metre compared to €4,100 in Madrid and €4,500 in Barcelona.

Rich in art and culture

Home to the Picasso Museum which showcases some of the artist’s best pieces, Málaga is a hub for great art, culture and music – so much so, that it has been nicknamed the ‘cultural capital of the Costa del Sol’.

You’ll find some excellent jazz clubs, such as the Clarence Jazz Club, and two spectacular Moorish castles in the city.

Having transformed in recent years, Málaga is now a glamorous city with a shiny new promenade. There’s also a charming, historic centre where you’ll find ancient monuments like the Alcazaba and the Roman Theatre. This area is also renowned for its traditional tapas bars and al fresco restaurants.

Easily accessible

One of the most attractive elements of Málaga for expats is how well-connected it is. There are flights from every corner of the UK and Europe, all year. It’s also just 2.5 hours from Madrid on the AVE (high-speed train) and has a busy port with ferries to Morocco.

An exciting gastronomic scene

Combining the best of what the ocean and the mountains have to offer, the cuisine in Málaga is superb.

You’ll find some world-famous Michelin star chefs in the city, many of whom have been trained in La Cónsula School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management. These culinary experts say that the food in Málaga incorporates tradition, innovation and quality.

One dish that owes its roots to Málaga, and something you must try, is Fritura Malaguena, a type of fried fish that is accompanied by a slice of lemon. Usually made from cod or squid, this tasty treat melts in your mouth and is especially delicious when paired with a cold glass of the local beer called Victoria.

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