When considering a move to France, it will be worth thinking about the type of property that will suit you! There are many different types to choose from, each one being iconically French in their own way. So, we’ve chosen five that are sure to catch your eye during your property hunt. Which one will you pick?



A ‘mas’ is a rural property, typically found in the Provence region of France. Traditionally built with local materials such as stone or wood, this type of house would have originally been designed to be completely self-sufficient, able to produce and harvest food and materials. These houses, therefore, tend to be large enough for a family and would have charmingly traditional characteristics, as well as some land.


A dream property for many, you may be surprised to know that a chateau isn’t always a huge building with lots of land. They can be quite small but usually have beautiful period features. Be aware that those at cheaper prices may need lots of renovation.



A gîte is a French holiday cottage, typically rented out to holidaymakers. This could prove to be a great business opportunity, or alternatively, it could be the perfect option for a couple or small family. Typically in rural areas and sometimes within a village, gîtes can be found all over France.


Typically found in the mountains, a chalet could be the perfect choice for a holiday home. Often with wooden exteriors and a large, triangular roof, chalet’s can vary in size and are often set in picturesque locations. You may want to consider a chalet if you’re a fan of skiing, hiking or other outdoor mountain activities.



Larger and generally more elegant than a ‘mas’, bastide properties are manor house style buildings that were originally occupied by wealthy farmers. Usually made of stone with a square shape and a flat roof, they would typically have some kind of land or garden attached. A bastide property would be ideal for a large family or for entertaining a group.

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