Portugal’s Silver Coast, an area stretching from Lisbon to Nazaré, is a great alternative to the Algarve. Like the Algarve, you can enjoy incredible beaches whilst still being in close proximity to some of Portugal’s famous cities. And although the Silver Coast is further north, you can still experience some great weather.

Increasingly popular with expats and for those looking for holiday homes, the Silver Coast offers some great property prices that make it typically more affordable than the Algarve. But where are the best places to buy?


Less than an hour south of Porto airport, Aveiro is located on the more northerly end of Silver Coast. However, it still enjoys a warm, Mediterranean climate in the summer. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Venice of Portugal’ due to its canals, Aveiro is both vibrant and charming.

Aveiro’s beach resorts, Costa Nova and Costa Barra, are small villages that boast miles of beautiful white sand.




Figueira da foz

Figueira da Foz is one of the most popular Silver Coast areas for international residents. The historic town has a wide variety of beaches and lagoons and was once Portugal’s most visited beach resort.

Churches, museums and a Benedictine monastery are just some other attractions that you can enjoy. And it’s not only the cultural aspects that you’ll love. A host of bars, restaurants and clubs are at your fingertips for the evening. With a population of around 60,000, there’s a wealth of amenities, including several good schools.


Figueira da foz



Nazaré is both charming and quirky in equal measure. With a population of around 15,000, it’s essentially made up of two villages and a beach resort, which are all connected by a funicular railway. Huge Atlantic waves make the beach very popular with surfers.

A well-known fishing town, the town itself features narrow, atmospheric streets, and no shortage of seafood restaurants. All in all, this is a perfect place if you like the idea of a coastal village with just the right amount of activity.



Peniche is also a place famous for its Atlantic surf and record-breaking waves. A small coastal city with a population of just under 30,000 people, the city itself boasts a quaint old-town area and an attractive harbour.

Peniche definitely gets busier in the summer. However, you can still find peace and quiet by taking a ferry to one of the town’s very own offshore islands.




The Silver Coast may be less well-known than the Algarve, but amenities are plentiful. Many Silver Coast destinations are large towns or small cities, meaning that you have a wealth of facilities on your doorstep, from shopping malls and restaurants to cultural attractions. And, if you choose a quiet village, all the key facilities are just a short drive away.


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