Could now be the time to find your dream luxury home in Israel? The property market is looking relatively stable, with the house price index remaining largely unchanged for several months now. And in a country with beautiful beaches, the highest standard of living in the region, and 3,300 hours of sunshine a year, that’s ample reason to start your search. So, where are the best spots to find prestigious property in this beautiful country?


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Caesarea is one of the most exclusive cities in Israel.

This ancient city occupies one of the most magnificent spots in the entire country. Its ancient port, now part of a national park, was founded by King Herod. It has been fantastically restored. The reconstructed amphitheatre is now used for wonderful concerts and shows.

The actual modern part of the city is just as gorgeous, with mainly low-rise, luxury homes dominating the market. It’s a playground for the wealthy, including the Rothschilds, and boasts Israel’s largest gold course. However, it’s also a city with a serious, innovative side. Many people commute to Haifa or Tel Aviv, as it’s conveniently located between the two. However, there are over 170 companies based in the city itself.

Herzliya Pituach

If you’re looking to combine the hustle and bustle of capital life with the joy of beachfront living, here’s your spot. Herzliya Pituach sits in Herzliya, in Greater Tel Aviv, right on the beach. The largest marina in Israel gives you a clue to the active lifestyle local residents maintain, making the most of the glorious local weather.

Most buildings here, like in Caesarea, are spacious villas with outdoor space. Living here is particularly convenient, with the Italian-inspired Marina Mall housing over 100 shops and restaurants. Numerous restaurants also line the seafront. The Apollonia National Park is within easy reach for those who love walking or hiking. For families, it’s also great news, as Herzliya as a whole invests more into education than anywhere else in Israel.


Ra’anana is a very special place to buy property in Israel. It’s a small city, with just over 70,000 inhabitants, of whom 20% hail from overseas. Nonetheless, despite its size, it’s become a hub for startups. and has a deeply entrepreneurial culture. This is solidified by the presence of numerous multinational companies, including Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard.

The city holds an official designation from the government of Israel as a ‘Green City’. As such, it’s no surprise to know that it’s filled with leafy streets. The Ra’anana Park is the largest in the Sharon region, with its own lake, petting zoo and amphitheatre.

Ramat Tiomkim


Netanya is a fantastic place for high-rise living by the sea.

Located in the beach city of Netanya, this area is known for its golden sands – 9 miles (14 kilometres) of them to be precise. Sitting on the flat Sharon Plain, the city is largely composed of luxury high-rise developments. You can find plenty of spacious, duplex options with sea views in the area.

This is a fantastic place to buy to be ahead of the curve. Plans are underway to transform it into the ‘Israeli Riviera’. Eight new skyscrapers have been planned since 2011, while new areas are being redeveloped for hotels. Fear not – this won’t result in a loss of the area’s natural beauty. The plan says that 50-60% of the urban area will remain as green space.

Neve Tzedek

This is one of the oldest districts of Tel Aviv, dating back to 1877 – it’s the first part of the expansion out of old Jaffa. It suffered a decline in the 1980s, but, in the same story seen worldwide, it’s undergone fantastic gentrification since.

Nowadays, it’s the most upmarket part of the capital city, and retains a ‘village-like’ atmosphere despite its location in the heart of the capital. Boutiques, artisan craftshops and trendy restaurants and bars abound.

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