The beach on your doorstep: it’s a dream for many of us, but that often comes with a lot of hustle and bustle, being surrounded by glitzy resorts and endless high-rises. Not so in Portugal! The charming, westernmost European country has a stunning coastline dotted with typical white-washed villas, many popular among expats to purchase property. So, without further ado, where are the best places to buy a beach home in Portugal?

Praia da Rocha

Praia da Rocha, in the Algarve, is a perennial favourite among property-buyers. It’s a solidly middle-class, local area – neither down-at-heel and forgotten, or overly showy like some resorts. It has a strong mixture of Portuguese and expat inhabitants, many of whose children attend local schools.

As for beaches, you’re spoilt for choice. The eponymous beach, Praia da Rocha, is a beautiful cove surrounded by unusual rock formations; you’re probably familiar with it from travel brochures. If you head further along the coast, you’ve got the long expanse of the Praia dos Três Irmãos, extending to pretty Lagos.


Nazaré is exactly what you think of when you imagine a beach town. It has a sweeping esplanade with a long sandy beach, flanked by green hills. The tiled pavement, with typical Portuguese decorations, is a popular place to sit on the many benches and watch the world go by. The town itself is very Portuguese: lots of narrow streets with shops and cafés, extending out to more spacious properties on the hillsides. In Casal do Areal and Casal Lagar, homes are a bit more spacious and general more modern.


Albufeira is one of the best areas to buy a beach home in Portugal.

Albufeira is one of the best areas to buy a beach home in Portugal.

Albufeira has shed its 18-30 image for a more glamorous one, with glitzy restaurants and bars lining its streets. It has any number of beautiful beaches, including, of course, Praia da Ouro. This is the party centre for beaches in the Algarve – great if you’re looking for somewhere with a bit of nightlife. The Praia dos Pescadores is right in the town centre and is accessible either by steps or an escalator. Quieter beaches include Praia de Sao Rafael. It has beautiful, clear waters (ideal for a spot of snorkelling!).


Further north in Portugal is the historic town of Almoçageme, sitting in an ideal location in the centre of the Sintra National Park. Life is centred around the main square, whether it’s shopping, having a cold drink or just people-watching! Just a short walk away is the gorgeously quiet beach of Praia da Adraga. This blue-flag beach is absolutely unspoilt, away from the tourist trail, and has accessible access. Almoçageme is relatively small, but is only 15 minutes’ drive away from the larger town of Sintra.

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