Italy has so much to offer, from stunning historical cities and rolling green countryside to its beautiful coastline. So, if you’re thinking of moving there, you may be looking forward to world-class ice cream, seafood and la dolce vita in a property by the sea. We take you through the best places to move to.


Sardinia is nicknamed “the Caribbean of the Mediterranean” and it’s easy to see why! With a plethora of incredible beaches boasting white sand and crystal-clear water, it’s a true paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean. In the summer, the seaside resorts attract people of all ages and there are plenty of things to do during the day and in the evening. Alternatively, it is easy to get away from the tourist buzz if you’d prefer to relax and take it slow.

In terms of places t move to, there’s a variety of smaller and larger towns. Cagliari is a city with more than 160,000 inhabitants located in the south of the island, has a wealth of amenities and is not far from the coast. If you want to enjoy the serenity of a small town whilst staying close to the sea, places such as Dorgali, Orosei and Bosa offer just that.


The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily boasts a warm temperature all year round and is a great place to live a relaxing, stress free life. Best of all, you’re never far away from a great beach. The bigger, well known beaches will get busy in the summer ones, but speak to the locals and you’re sure to find some secluded gems that offer your own little slice of paradise. The coastal landscape is beautiful, with hidden coves and nature reserves.

Sicily has a variety of places to live, from busier cities such as Palermo to Taormina, which overlooks the Ionian Sea. With a low cost of living and plenty to do, Sicily is a great place to move to.


Liguria is the region with the most blue flag beaches in Italy, so it’s a great place to move if you want a nice day on the beach within easy reach. Dubbed the ‘Italian Riviera’, it’s beautiful coastal towns and villages can be on the pricey side but are wonderful places to live.

The town of Portofino is in this region, which you may recognise from its signature brightly coloured buildings on the seafront – a firm favourite with the rich and famous. For a more affordable option, nearby Rapallo is beautiful and not far from two blue flag beaches. Liguria’s famous ‘Cinque Terre’ area is the place to look if a picturesque, hillside village is for you.


Most people in Puglia live inland, flocking to the coast in the summer months. So, if you have a holiday home by the sea, it’ll be nice and quiet for some of the year. The coast between Brindisi and Bari airports is a popular choice with great transport links. However, for the best beaches, head to the South of the region. You will find a wealth of seaside villages here designed for summer living.

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