Dreams of owning a ski retreat in the French Alps probably couldn’t be further from your mind as we enjoy the hottest UK summer for 42 years. Take inspiration from the heatwave, however, because summertime on the slopes could be a real money-spinner if you enter the rental market. Rather than leaving your property empty when the snow melts, cash in on the army of adventurous travellers who shun package holidays on the coast in favour of cool mountain air.

So what should you be your main considerations as you plan to rent out your ski property in France for summer holiday lets?

Dual seasonality

Unlike seaside resorts, most Alpine areas are popular tourist destinations for at least two seasons of the year, making the rental market more lucrative. So choose a ski resort with genuine dual seasonality.

Pardon the cliché but keep the three rules of property buying (location, location, location) firmly in mind if you want your rental venture to be a success. High-altitude resorts that guarantee the white stuff throughout the ski season might be teeming with visitors for five months of the year, but grind to a halt out of season. Whereas destinations slightly further down the mountainside continue to attract visitors when the landscape transforms from white to green and activities that don’t rely on snow abound.

Therefore, it’s not just the winter months that you’ll be fighting off potential tenants with a ski pole. Once the mercury begins to rise a different breed of alpine enthusiast will descend on your corner of the Alps to enjoy the verdant landscape awash with wild flowers, rather than roasting on a beach. A picturesque setting that provides perfect conditions to bike, hike, fish, canoe, raft, climb and play golf, or to simply relax and enjoy the views. Geraint Thomas has only just finished peddling up and down the Alps in the Tour de France, cheered on by thousands of spectators. Many of whom will need accommodation.

Take a summer viewing trip to resorts like Les Gets, Chamonix or Châtel to see for yourself. Year-round appeal, combined with the promise of good rental returns, is increasing demand for property in resorts like these.

Chamonix Valley during the summer months

Keep it legal

Do your research during your viewing trip by heading to the local Mairie (town hall) to discuss your intention to let. They can advise around local laws and on pricing. Don’t forget to take out home insurance that covers holiday rentals.

Promote, promote, promote!

Talking of conducting research, make sure you look into local and wider advertising to attract potential tenants. You don’t need to be a computer whizz to create your own website to pass around for future bookings. And registering on Airbnb is another great way to drum up business. Don’t forget your readymade customer base: family, friends and colleagues who know and trust you already – make sure they know they have to pay!

Practice makes perfect

Don’t be daunted about entering the rental market in France. Careful planning will set you on the right course. You’ll be an expert landlord before you know it, once you have successfully rented out your property a couple of times. Much like the first time you went skiing – tentative snowplough turns to start with, but you were soon gliding down the slopes with the best of them!

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