If you’re thinking of moving to Italy or buying a holiday home there, you may find that you have to alter the way you live to fit in with the locals. If you embrace this lifestyle change, it could do wonders for your quality of life. So, here are our tips for embracing la dolce vita.


  1. Make food a priority

From wandering around local markets to taking a long lunch break, food plays a big part in the Italian lifestyle. It’s likely that you won’t be far away from a market, so why not use local produce to cook your meals? You’ll soon start to appreciate just how great everything tastes when it’s grown on the doorstep!

Mealtimes are an important part of the day, with establishments shutting for a couple of hours to enjoy lunch. Dinner is eaten later in the day, which may seem daunting at first, but you’ll soon understand why it’s easier to enjoy your food after the sun goes down.


  1. Enjoy coffee the right way

As we know, Italians love their coffee. If you do too, then embrace the way it’s enjoyed in Italy. Cappuccinos are for mornings, cafe macchiatos are for afternoons and espressos are for after dinner. Make sure not to order a ‘latte’ – you’ll just receive a cup of cold milk!


  1. Take an evening Passeggiata

Another evening activity is the passeggiata – a leisurely walk or stroll, taken to socialise with friends. It combines exercise, enjoying a drink in a local bar or a cold gelato and appreciating the beauty of a warm evening.


  1. Learn about the local area

Italians are proud of where they come from and there is usually something about every town or region that the locals are proud of. Take the time to visit historic sites, try regional dishes and explore the wonders of the surrounding area to get clued up about why the place you moved to is so special.


  1. Embrace your community

Learning about your local area goes hand in hand with discovering the people who live there, so make the effort to get to know the locals. Italians are community and family orientated, so make sure to put time aside for this. It could involve sharing a meal with family or friends, getting involved in community projects or simply striking up a conversation in the local shop.


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