If you’re thinking of buying a property in Greece, you’re probably looking forward to spending time on the glorious beaches, enjoying the great weather and a better quality of life. But, it’s worth keeping in mind that life in Greece is very different from the UK. So, if you want to enjoy your time over there, the best thing to do is embrace your new way of life.


Take things slow

Everything moves at a slower pace in Greece. The way that Greeks usually operate is to take things slowly to begin with and then to move quickly towards the end – so if you’re waiting for something to be done, it’ll happen eventually! Rather than becoming impatient with this new way of doing things, try to embrace it! You may find that life becomes more stress-free when you let things run their course.


Celebrate food

Greek food is now a firm favourite worldwide, and for good reason. It’s healthy, tasty and embodies Greece’s warm climate and beautiful landscape. Fresh, simple ingredients are combined to make signature dishes such as a flavoursome Greek salad, a hearty Moussaka or tasty stuffed vine leaves. The Greeks make the most of mealtimes with friends and family, so you should too! Sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful cuisine.


Get outside

With great weather and amazing scenery, there’s no wonder that Greek life is lived outdoors. As well as enjoying the great beaches, national parks and whitewashed towns, you’ll find that eating and drinking outside will become the norm. Sitting outdoors until 10 or 11pm is pleasant when the days are long and the evenings are warm.


Embrace tradition

The Greeks enjoy celebrating their culture and traditions in a big way. Whether that’s through a wedding, a name day, a carnival or a holy day, tradition is an integral part of life in Greece. There are even several prominent superstitions in Greek culture that may become evident through what people wear and how they act. Why not speak to the locals to find out about traditional festivities and how you can play your part?


Put family first

Everything revolves around family in Greek life, whether that’s with eating, putting on big events or day to day activities. It’s not uncommon to see a huge Greek family living under one roof or working together. Although things are not quite as family centric as they used to be, family still lies at the very core of Greek culture.


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