Les Deux-Sèvres has many picturesque towns and villages, two beautiful rivers and is a stone’s throw away from the beach. With affordable property to boot, what’s not to like? We explain why this is a brilliant area to choose, whether you’re moving to France or buying a holiday home there.

Where is Les Deux-Sèvres?

This department is a part of the Poitou-Charentes region, now part of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine in western France. The main town here, Niort, 2-hour drive to Bordeaux and a 4-hour drive to Paris. You can also catch the train from here to Paris, which will take just 3-hours. The nearest airports are Poitiers (Biard airport), La Rochelle and also Nantes.

What is the weather like in Les Deux-Sèvres?

The weather here is generally very mild, with hot summers. It rarely gets below freezing point in the winter and Poitou-Charentes benefits from 2,400 sunshine hours a year. As this area is slightly inland, it’s sheltered from coastal winds, whilst still only being a short distance from the sea.

The best of coast and countryside

This department is named after its two rivers and in the south-west is the Marais Poitevin. This has been dubbed ‘Green Venice’ and is a vast network of waterways, perfect for boating, fishing and enjoying your surroundings. Elsewhere, the landscape is mostly rural and agricultural with charming towns and villages, Romanesque churches and historical monuments.

Les Deux-Sèvres is also just a short distance from the Atlantic coast. The town of Niort is just an hour’s drive to the coastal town of La Rochelle, so trips to the beach during the summer months are straightforward.

Excellent cuisine

If you’re a lover of good food, Les Deux-Sèvres is the department for you. Fresh and local produce is the focus here. As well as some of the best goat’s cheese you can find, there’s also no shortage of fresh seafood to enjoy.

Property prices

Properties are generally affordable in this area, although there has been an increase in recent years as the department has become more well-known. A budget of around €100,000 will get you a 2-3-bedroom property with a garden and for €250,000, expect to have a choice of renovated character properties.

There are also many styles of property to choose from in this area, with everything from ancient houses to modern villas and apartments. There is a great deal of space here, so it’s also likely that you could buy a property at a reasonable price with plenty of land.

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