The days are getting longer and warmer across Europe, and it’s time to swap Netflix for some outdoor fun! Whether you’re a pro or more of a paddler, surfing is an exciting activity to try your hand at this summer. Portugal is known around the world for having some of the best waves for surfing. Here are our picks of the best places to live and surf in Portugal.


If surfing is something you’re really passionate about, Sagres is definitely where to look for property. This town in the Algarve has an active surfing community and numerous surf schools. Most surfers enjoy the waters near the town, but along the beach there are a variety of swell directions. If you are after a real challenge, head west where the beaches are unspoilt and the waves are bigger.

Sagres is an area for the adventurous, with a truly wild landscape to explore.  Activities other than surfing in the area include diving, as well as dolphin and whale watching.

The town of Sagres has a bohemian and laid-back atmosphere and can get quite busy in the summer. You can find two-bedroom townhouses for around €250,000.

Viana do Castelo

Located in Northern Portugal on the Costa Verde, an area known for having wild waves, Viana do Castelo is a lovely seaside city and a great surf destination.

Cabedelo Beach is one of the best surf spots in the area. The curved beach makes for flat water behind the waves, so it is ideal for beginners. If you go further down the beach, the waves get bigger for those who are more advanced.

Along with excellent surfing, the city itself is full of architectural gems. In fact, it has often been called the “Mecca of Architecture”. The city centre is made up of quaint streets, charming plazas and delightful cafes. An impressive mountain top church watches over the city and provides some spectacular views of the dramatic coastline.

Viana do Castelo offers the wide range of amenities that come with a city but still has a small town ‘feel’. It would be a fantastic base to explore the rest of the Minho region. Small townhouses start from around €125,000. If you would like a pool, you would need a budget of €300,000 upwards.


Offering both coast and city, Ericeira is a wonderful place to buy property. Many people say the town is the best place for surfing in Europe, and being just 33 miles from Lisbon, you’d never be far from the big city.

Ericeira has frequently hosted the ASP World Tour Surfing Championships and is a World Surfing Reserve, so the surfing must be top-class!

The town sits on top of sandstone cliffs, with golden sandy beaches and crystal blue waters below. The beaches are perfect for relaxing as well as surfing, and there are plenty of other activities to enjoy in the area too. For example cycling, skating and even yoga!

Ericeira is primarily a fishing town, so is unsurprisingly renowned for its seafood restaurants. Property in the area is slightly more expensive than other areas, with apartments from around €150,000. For €400,000, you could buy a lovely detached villa.


Lagos is a popular city in the Algarve. It is known for its vibrant nightlife, beautiful sandy beaches and impressive rock formations. Although it is a popular tourist destination, getting very busy in the summer, the city has maintained its Portuguese charm, with a daily fish market and plenty of unique shops.

Again, it is a great place for surfing, with the most popular surf spot being the huge half-moon beach of Meia Praia. Nearby Praia da Luz is another superb surfing location, especially in the winter.

A budget of €120,000 would buy you a traditional townhouse or small apartment. Apartments on new developments usually start from €200,000.

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