Italy is a great place to buy a holiday home or to move to permanently, offering a great quality of life and a variety of places to settle. However, it’s sometimes thought of as an expensive option compared to the likes of Spain or France.

This doesn’t have to be the case! There are plenty of areas that offer a low cost of living whilst rivalling the beauty of other places in Italy with larger price tags.


With a strong public transport network and a landscape that’s been described as beautiful as Tuscany, Abruzzo is a brilliant place to live.

Lying to the east of Rome, you can enjoy a beautiful stretch of the Adriatic coastline here, which is a popular destination in the summer. A third of Abruzzo is a national park, perfect for those who enjoy the great outdoors.

Medieval villages and towns lie all over the region and are far cheaper than Tuscany’s equivalents. There is a real variety of places to live, from coastal towns such as the stunning Vasto to quiet hilltop villages such as Palmoli.

Lecce, Puglia

Puglia is becoming increasingly popular and well known for its charming conical shaped houses. However, many overlook the beautiful city of Lecce. Full of elegant sandstone buildings and hidden piazzas, you can get the best of Italy here without breaking the bank.

A small university city in the heel of Italy’s boot, Lecce does attract tourists, but you won’t find the crowds here that you experience in Florence or Rome. Full of history and just a stone’s throw away from the coast, you can wander around stunning cathedrals and visit the Roman amphitheatre.

Lecce is well connected with a train station and regular buses going in and out of the city. The nearest airport is Brindisi, which is 39.1 km away.


An area of Italy that you may not have heard of, Molise offers a variety of landscape for you to enjoy. It borders Abruzzo’s nature reserves and also boasts a stunning stretch of Adriatic coastline. As well as this, the mountainous terrain in the centre of the region lends itself to snow sports in the winter and has two excellent ski resorts, including Campitello Matese.

The regional capital, Campobasso, it known for Monforte Castle and beautiful Romanesque architecture. The historic town of Isernia boasts a 13th-Century fountain and ancient prehistoric site. Several castles, abbeys and sanctuaries are dotted around the region, making this a popular place for spiritual routes.


There are many more areas that offer an affordable Italian life, but we think these are three of the best. Life in Italy doesn’t have to cost the earth if you know where to look!


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