Been dreaming of moving abroad for a while but you’ve never felt quite ready to put it in motion? Well, if you’re feeling any of these ten signs, then 2020 might be the year to buy a house overseas! 

1. You’re tired of grey, overcast skies

Sick of spending winters in the grey and gloom, with dark coming in by mid-afternoon? Even if you don’t want to move permanently, a holiday home is a fantastic way to have a sunny winter while still enjoying summer back in the UK. The Americans call it snowbirding, and it can do wonders to have a whole year of warmth and sun. In parts of southern Spain, even December can see temperatures in the high teens.

2. You want more property for your money

Your money will got a lot further in many parts of southern Europe.

We all know that prices are sky-high in many parts of the UK, but did you realise how much further your money can go overseas? For around €140,000, you could buy a beautiful, traditional-style home in France’s Charente region, with land and potential for a swimming pool.

3.  You want to enjoy life as it should be enjoyed

If you’re imagining slow weekends spent relaxing at the beach and over long lunches of delicious local food and drink, then swapping the rat race of the UK for the relaxed lifestyle of a village in France, or a coastal community in Spain or Portugal, could be just the ticket. Whether you’re looking for an enjoyable retirement, or you want somewhere for the kids to grow up safe and happy, the reasons for it are numerous.

4. You want to ditch the grind

Moving abroad is a chance to reinvent yourself, in many ways.

We all dream from time to time of ditching the grind and being our own boss, but moving abroad really is the chance to do that. So many British buyers start up their own businesses or take on existing ones, and find that their work really is something they’re passionate about. From running holiday accommodation like a gîte to working as English teacher, using existing skills like hairdressing or a trade, there are plenty of satisfying ways to make money even when you move to a rural area.

5. You’re ready for an adventure

Time and time again, the readers we spoke to whom we’ve helped to move abroad tells us that they didn’t just want to settle for ‘same old, same old’. They want an adventure – perhaps the chance to pick up a new hobby, to return to something they haven’t had the time to during their working lives. Perhaps they’re simply looking for somewhere with the perfect weather to be able to live that outdcoorsy lifestyle they’ve always dreamt of, or they want to experience new cultures and ways of living. Whatever it may be, living abroad certainly can’t be accused of boring! Will you make 2020 the year you move?

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